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  • Paving the way for new video game designers

Collaborating with brilliant and creative individuals in every craft, from all around the world.

Rhino Games will constantly push the limits of small development teams to deliver the highest quality independently published games. That you want to play!

About Rhino Games

Rhino Games was founded by Irish born developer and CEO John O Keeffe. With aspirations on building AAA quality games but with the creative freedom of independents; Rhino Games collaborates with independent developers from around the world making it culturally rich and truly a global entity.

John O Keeffe CEO

With decades of experience in IT, and an insane passion for games. John decided to create Rhino Games to bring a new direction to video game development.

Mark Pownall CTO

A freelance programmer originally from Ireland, now developing out of Hamburg, Germany. His goal is to push the limits of technology to bring us the games we expect today.

Collaborate with us

By Collaborating we can make small teams much more efficient and add quality to undermanned projects. If you would like to collaborate with us or find out more? Click here.

Our Games

Rhino Games are passionate about creating games that are focused around great gameplay and innovative concepts. Games with cutting edge graphics and state of the art mechanics. Games that you want to play!

Tooki's Universe

Tooki (currently in production)

Just an average guy; Tooki is one of the most unlikely heroes, but when he gets a call for help; without fear or hesitation he dives right into a mysterious portal, plunging him into a challenging adventure...Luckily he has you to help guide and protect him. Website tookigame.com

Tooki's Universe

Tooki's Features

  • Addictive, fun and rewarding gameplay
  • 5 Unique and beautiful Worlds to discover.
  • 125 Puzzles with a balanced learning curve.
  • Bonus Puzzles with tons of free perks.
  • Full Controller Support.
  • 50 Steam Achievements, and much more.....

Tooki's Universe

Music That Saved The World

Created in only three days for the unreal engine game jam "one hit wonder". We designed a game around trivia questions all relating to bands with one hit singles. The goal is to answer a question to avert a missile strike on a populous city. The game is free to play! Download here.

Tooki's Universe

Connect with Rhino Games

Rhino Games is always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to collaborate with. We know a lot of very creative people are self-thought and it's hard for them to get into the games industry. We don't care about your qualifications or work experience!
We care about your skills and personality!

If you're hard working, with an eye for detail and a passion for your craft, it can be art, music, programming, writing or anything that we use in the games industry? Drop us a line, we would love to meet you. Please include any links to your demos/social media etc.

For support questions you can contact us via our Rhino Games Twitter account.